5 Easy Steps to Safer Key-Entered Transactions

If your using a Virtual Terminal or the Credit Card won't read:

  1. Check the terminals to make sure it is working properly. If the terminal is okay and the problem appears to be with the magnetic stripe, follow your company procedures for key-entered transactions. Be sure to check the card security features and match signatures.
  2. Check the card’s expiration or “valid thru” date to be sure the card has not expired. If the transaction date is after the “good thru” date, the card has expired.
  3. Get a manual imprint of the card.
  4. Ask the customer to sign the imprinted sales draft.
  5. Compare the signature on the card with the signature on the sales draft to be sure they match. Do not accept an unsigned card.

If the card is unsigned, ask the cardholder to sign it in your presence, and to provide government I.D. (driver’s license or passport). Compare the signatures on the transaction receipt, the card, and the additional identification. If the signatures don't match, don't take the payment.

Written by Jason Feith on 5th Jan, 2015