Helping Payers: My Payment Won't Go Through

If you have a customer call and complain that their payment isn't going through and there is enough money in the bank to cover the payment, chances are your customer needs to call their bank. There are three reasons that a card will not work even if the attached bank account has enough money:

  • The payer is entering a billing address that is different than the one on file with the card issuer.
  • The payment amount exceeds the daily spending limit.
  • The payment is larger than the maximum transaction allowed for your customer's
  • The debit card has been locked by the issuing institution. This often happens when a cardholder enters an incorrect PIN at an ATM more than a few times

Helping out your customer is easy: help them understand they need to call their bank and ask why the payment isn't going through.

Most payment card issuers can make instant changes to the account. All it takes is a quick call from your customer, and they will be good to go to try their transaction again.

Written by Mike Seidle on 15th May, 2012