Our Huge Local Marketing Problem

We had a problem: people were not finding VPS on mobile. Even worse, on Foursquare a salesperson for a competitor had created a listing for VPS with his phone number.

We scoured the internet for a solution that would make sure that VPS had control of our brand and our listings on mobile location services like Google, Foursquare, and Facebook. Accurate business location listings are important because mobile location services share data with each other - so a mistake on Foursquare could show up in hundreds of mobile apps.

For VPS things got better when we found a link to a page just like this one:

Check Your Listings on Over 50 Sites

We found out we had over twenty listings that had mistakes ranging from the wrong address to old product information. Two days later, all of our listings, including the fake listing posted by a competitor were accurate and more importantly, under our control. Even better, we can now update ALL of our listings in minutes the next time something changes.

The name of the service is Yext PowerListings, and it was so good that we HAD to offer it to our VPS merchants. We reached out to Yext, and became a certified partner. Even better: they allow us to offer Yext PowerListings for 50% off to our merchants. Please take a minute to check your listings. The listing check service is totally free and can help you see if you have a problem that will prevent customers and potential customers from finding you.

If you want to take control of your local listings, please take advantage of the 50% savings we offer:

Save 50% on PowerListings

Written by Mike Seidle on 11th Feb, 2015